Compass Club

Compass Club is a Christ-centered club for students in the public school system that helps students discover the truth about Jesus in a lost and confused culture.

Goals and Objectives

Compass Club will provide a faith-based and holistic approach to the complicated issues surrounding young people in their schools and culture. Along with biblical teaching and practical wisdom for daily living, Compass will also provide suicide and addiction prevention strategies to public school students. This will be accomplished through a variety of activities and lessons. The curriculum used in Compass will be provided to students by the ministry, and students will enhance their social skills by teaching the material provided to them.

Compass Club Topics

Topics that will be covered include:

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How the Compass Club Began

Nik’s ministry began in his own public school as a junior, where nearly five hundred middle and high school students were won to Jesus during his senior year. Raising up a generation of firebrand believers has always been a cornerstone principle of his ministry. In 2023, this mandate is going to new heights.

In February 2022, Nik was in the second week of a fifteen-week revival in Huntington, West Virginia. During the revival, he was invited to the voluntary club meetings of several public schools in the area to preach the gospel to students. That week, nearly three hundred students were saved, and many came to the revival to be baptized in water.

This, however, did not happen without backlash. Before the week was out, the “school revival,” as it was termed, had received international attention on many news outlets around the United States and even other countries. Anti- religion groups were threatening lawsuits against the county’s board of education. The chaos stifled Nik’s mission to reach the public schools, as many schools backed away from speaking engagements for fear of similar repercussions.

In November of that same year, Nik received four phone calls within two days from multiple students across the state of West Virginia with a vision from the Lord. They each expressed to Nik that they felt led to begin a bible club in their own schools after they had been radically touched at his revival meetings throughout the year. When they asked for prayer and assistance from Nik, the Holy Spirit ministered to his heart as well.

Driving home late that night, pondering on the phone calls and how to help the students, Nik heard the Holy Spirit clearly saying to launch a bible club under the covering of his ministry. This club, unlike other bible and faith clubs currently in the school system, would bring a focus to the lost identity of young people while giving them a solid biblical foundation to take them beyond their middle and high school years. It will teach them the biblical necessities to be a fruitful believer in this life and how to walk in the power and authority of Jesus. In this moment, Compass Club was birthed.

Nik began producing material for Compass Club in December 2022. This material has been reviewed by multiple pastors and youth leaders, and it has been tested in the school club of the students who called him for help. So far, the results have been abundantly fruitful, with dozens of salvations and spiritual growth happening in schools across West Virginia. The spirit of revival is invading classrooms through this eternally impactful material.

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